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Free falling


Single piece Signed Titled



29 x 34 x 2 cm
11.42 x 13 x 0.79 in







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1986 , Italy

Riffblast is an italian artist, born in Bologna, Italy.

Riffblast's journey into art began in his early childwood, raised in a inspiring and creative family who support him since he started to create art. At the age of 17 he was hired to produce illustrations for skate and surf companies, he grew up inspired by different subcultures and then formed his creative skills from street art and punk world. After almost 10 years spent to collaborate with fashion brands around Europe, in 2015 Riffblast decided to overturn his career, leaving the fashion world and moving into contemporary art, which he found to be the ideal way to express and portray his feelings. The artist felt the need to start talking about the bright side of the world, trying to bring it to a more creative level. 

Over a few years Riffblast exhibited his work in art fairs and galleries in Italy, Switzerland and United States. He also spend long periods travelling around the world to become inspired by the amazing things which the world has to offer.

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Ravenna, Via Giuseppe Mazzini, 35

MAG – Magazzeno Arte Contemporanea is an art gallery committed to display and promote (extra) contemporary urban and fine art. Founded in Ravenna in 2016 by Alessandra Carini, the gallery focuses on works influenced by urban environments, pop culture, graphics and illustration. The gallery wants to bring this form of arts to a wider audience, trying to el...

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Untitled No.12


30 x 40 x 2 cm

350,00 €



50 x 70 cm

1980,00 €