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Never Lie


Dated Titled



140 x 100 cm
55 x 39.37 in




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Advertising panel

A pink pastel that actually turns blue represents the truth which lies inside each of us. There is no need to hide our real feelings, because they inevitably surface on their own. Never lie or lie to please others. We build a free society starting from our individual way of being.

Riccardo Bonfadini's work was selected as part of Arcus Pride 2020, the Virtual Art Pride Art exhibition in Italy curated by Patrizia Madau from Tallulah Studio Art Milan. The selected artworks concurrently aim to unveil the artists' intimate vision of transformation and change and reiterate their contribution to support the LGBT community.

1971 Cremona, Italy

Riccardo Bonfadini was born in Cremona in 1971.

He approaches art by following his father, a famous artist, who taught him that art lives and develops through the way of thinking.

His artworks express our contemporaneity through the constant use of objects, which are often presented to the audience in an ironic way. His artworks are therefore the result of a never-ending conversation with contemporary society, where any object can become a piece of art, if we are able to grasp the meaning beyond tangible things. His creations become small rebuses to be solved: everyday objects acquire new vitality through their combinations, while their literary assonance becomes fertile soil for the construction of new funny neologisms.

A series of activities mark his artistic path: the first figurative artworks, the “geometric period”, the “new writing”, the creation of “Industrial Fossil”, a series of “Wash” (washing machines), the “ironic installations”, the “posters”, the “artworks by chance” and in closing the “big installations”. In 2007 Riccardo Bonfadini wins the Arts and Culture award in Milan; in 2008 he is invited to exhibit his artworks in the European Parliament in Strasbourg. In 2010 he participates in Art Basel Miami Beach fair in the United States. In 2012 he wins the “Premio internazionale Ora 2012” (international award). In 2014 he receives the “Premio Nocivelli”. In 2015 he is a finalist in the “Premio Internazionale Ghidoni” (International Ghidoni Award). He has participated not only in Italy, but also abroad in collective art exhibitions and solo art shows. Riccardo lives and works in Soresina, near Cremona in the north of Italy.

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Milan, Piazzale Antonio Baiamonti, 3

Tallulah Studio Art was founded in 1999 on the initiative of Patrizia Madau, creative mind, art, design and photography consultant. Always looking for emerging young talents, she devotes her attention to the proposals of new generations, promoting form and material in design and contemporary art, in all its expressions. The strength that distinguishes Tallul...

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Carotte sauvage, ombelles vu du ciel


50 x 50 cm