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Single piece Signed Dated Titled Framed

From the series Art Driven By Music



170 x 170 x 4.5 cm
67 x 66.93 x 1.77 in







Made out of a lot of layers acrylic paint with elements of 24K Gold this special painting based on Eddie Vedder’s track ‘Society’ from soundtrack from the movie ‘Into The Wild’. Well wild it became…

Size painting: 170x170cm  |  Material: acrylic and 24K Gold on linen canvas  |  Musical inspiration: ‘Society’ by ‘Eddie Vedder’

1962 Beverwijk, Netherlands

Born and grew up in The Netherlands, coming from an artistic family. Mother a graduated fashion designer, father a poet. In his early years you could find him in the recordstores shopping for great new original music that he could play as a deejay. After several years of working as a deejay Rep started his own awarded design company 'ringel design'. He enjoyed working for beautiful companies and brands from the fashion and cosmetic industry. Living a life under influence of music, fashion and design brought him a lot of inspiration. Creativity to make new things. That’s why he started painting. The paintings of Rep Ringel are large, raw, unpolished, executed in earthy tones and metallic paint, often provided with 24K gold and always inspired by music. The process how the paintings are made is special. Painted in many layers, intertwined by horizontal and vertical line structures. The works are named after the source of inspiration; the artist or the relevant track on which the painting was made. Rep’s work has been seen already on fairs, exhibitions and shows all over the world.

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Apeldoorn, Canadalaan 14

Rep Ringel Art is a contemporary, international art gallery based in The Netherlands. The gallery is committed to building careers of emerging and established contemporary artists....

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Abstract with Blue No.466


182.8 x 182.8 x 4 cm

19415,00 €