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2800 EUR
4.2 5 20


Clown Make Up


Single piece Signed Dated Titled



90 x 120 x 3 cm
35.43 x 47 x 1.18 in







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Acrylic on canvas

1955 barcelona, Spain

The artist is inspired by daily customs, those habits that surround us day by day, everyday scenes that surround us. As an observer of the world, Ramon Poch pretends that his works are nothing more than a chronicle of this time. He tries to reflect in his paintings the society of the 21st century in a brave and at the same time sweet way. His works communicate happiness and optimism to the viewer who observes them through intense and vivid colors. His works are connected with different currents of modern art. A student of the avant-gardes, from the Parisian to the Russian through the American, he is closer to the Fovista movement of the early twentieth century, that is, solving problems with color, in a dual plastic and constructive function. color floods the works

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Barcelona, Consell de Cent, 277

The gallery Art Nou 277 disposes a unique exhibition space in the heart of Barcelona. Just in the recent years we decided to change the look of the space so the brick-lined wall has got uncovered. Leaving the original walls of the building visible gives the space a different look compared with the other galleryspaces of the city. But this is not what makes...

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