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950 EUR
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From the series Pflanzenportraits



50 x 70 cm
20 x 27.56 in





Plant portraits

Photo print on alu dibond

Edition 1/10

1963 Cologne, Germany


Ralf Kardes was born in Cologne in 1963, lives and works in Cologne.

He met the artist Winfried Kirches at one of his fruitallations in 1989 and joined the artist group "Kirches Gang".
Joint art actions and exhibitions followed - focusing on "xenophobia", "racism" and "violence" - in Overath, Cologne, Berlin and Prague. He was a member of the group until 2006 - during which time he studied philosophy and completed his photographic training.

His works contain elements of both "straight photography" (exact depictions of reality) and "pictorealism", which downplays the technical character of photography.
Basically, his works have no names. So everyone can make up their own mind about what they see.

In 1995, Ralf Kardes was a collaborator on Christo's "Wrapped Reichstag" project.


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Köln, Rolandstrasse 69

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