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790 EUR



Single piece Signed



26 x 55 x 26 cm
10.24 x 22 x 10.24 in







Like a dancer, who bends and lifts a fat. An elegant and graceful sculpture, made of molded plaster and driftwood.

A white, sober, almost minimalist work!

The dancer is placed on a large ball, which allows her to be oriented as desired.

An original piece full of creativity and fantasy.

1952 , France

French professional artist, Fine Arts student d'Angoulême from 1970 to 1973.


After a long commercial journey, the return to artistic creation was imposed on her 20 years ago, as a vital necessity.


Pierrette Dijonneau finds creative energy by the sea where she lives.


The driftwood, which she discovers on the beaches, like sketches of failed sculptures, have become the guideline of his expression.

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Sculpture 26 x 55 x 25cm

790,00 €


Sculpture 26 x 31 x 26cm

750,00 €

On one leg

Sculpture 16 x 38 x 16cm

690,00 €


Paintings 68 x 68 x 3cm

790,00 €

On the move

Paintings 48 x 48 x 3cm

590,00 €


La Rochelle, 3 passage de la corvette Le Gabut

After having opened a first painting gallery in Normandy, in the vicinity of Honfleur, in the 2000s, Galerie Arnaud moved to La Rochelle in 2019. Their knowledge of the market and its actors, their passion and their experience, allow them to welcome any person wishing to discover, appreciate and acquire a work of art. Galerie Arnaud is always on the lookou...

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