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Please love Party Stills #1 Discover the best available selection of photographs by the artist Pierre Pauze. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness!
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Please love Party Stills #1



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100 x 56.2 cm
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Fine Art Photo Permajet 240gr/m2.

Edition of 5 copies.

, France

A graduate of Le Fresnoy and the Beaux-Arts de Paris, Pierre Pauze was revealed to the public in 2016 on the occasion of the 2nd edition of the international exhibition of art school students presented by Artagon in Paris

Since then, his work has been the subject of numerous exhibitions in France and around the world, such as at La Villette, the Es Baluard Museum in Palma, Mallorca, or the K Museum of Contemporary Art in Seoul.

In 2019, he caused a sensation with his film and installation Please Love Party at the "Futures of Love" exhibition at Magasins généraux.

In 2020, he is a resident at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris and participates in the 12th Taipei Biennale with MASS, a film and installation project created in collaboration with film artist June Balthazard.

Pierre Pauze's films have been shown in numerous festivals and on television, in France and abroad.

He has received several awards, such as the agnès b. award in 2016 and the ADAGP Revelation digital art and video art award in 2019.

If initially Pierre Pauze starts painting images, he quickly wishes to give these images movement to tell stories in a given temporality.

He therefore expresses himself through filmic sequences of varying length, always unclassifiable, which are born of an observation of reality and a fictional narrative. Thus, the plastic dimension and the cinematographic dimension are both omnipresent and inseparable in his work.

Therefore, the presence of his installations and sculptures in his films questions the role of the narrative in the status of the object. And vice versa. In this perspective, the object acquires the status of relic.

To elaborate his numerous projects, the artist surrounds himself with scientists, artists and filmmakers. Thus, by taking up cinematographic and documentary codes, his works are true conceptual kaleidoscopes.

Indeed, they tend to establish a perpetual dialogue between different disciplinary fields, such as ethnography, science, pseudo-science, science fiction, popular cultures, the underground, the spiritual, myths and beliefs, or video games.

Since 2017, Pierre Pauze has been interested in the vibratory properties of water and the movements of sound and light waves.

This is revealed in the project Please love Party from which the two photographs are extracted.

In this project, he focuses on the quantum aspect of water in its ability to transmit information.

A real scientific polemic, the theory of the memory of water attests, by extension, to the therapeutic virtues of alternative medicines such as homeopathy, which is very controversial in the field.

The artist therefore asks the following question: to what extent does the impetus of an artistic project make it possible to update these experiences?

Between science and beliefs, Please love Party highlights electromagnetism, the coding of vibratory information of water and its potential influence on the living. In order to re-invoke this hypothesis, the artist approaches the feeling of love from the point of view of waves and chemistry.

Like a scientific protocol, the Please love Party project unfolds in three phases: research, experiment, result.

In the first phase, the artist develops a love potion by assembling psychotics called "love drugs" in a clandestine laboratory. From the substances of oxytocin and phenylethylamine bought on the Darknet, the artist recovers their characteristics thanks to the phenomena of water waves.

With the postulate of a pseudoscience, the drugs acquire homeopathic properties. After this passage in laboratories, the second phase comes into play: the experiment.

From then on, the film becomes an immersive experience in a disused hangar.

At the heart of a party created from scratch, the dancers, who have become guinea pigs, are invited to drink the altered water in order to observe their behavior. Between light games and electro sound, the frontiers between documentary and fiction become, at this moment, blurred.

The third phase is the presentation of the results to an audience. Two installations are then presented at the Magasins Généraux in Pantin.

The first one, composed of two neon paintings, reproduces the molecular movements of water infused with psychotropic drugs, like a microscope.

It echoes the other installation which, become a QR code, refers to an address of the darknet.

As for the interpretation resulting from this experience, Pierre Pauze leaves the spectator free.

Through Please Love Party, Pierre Pauze invites us to dive into a hypnotic universe at the doors of a dystopian underground. Mixing different levels of narratives, between sciences and myths, he confronts us with the realities and problems of today's world, especially in front of a culture conditioned by the Internet.

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