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Never Thought I’d wear a Memorial Tee


Single piece Titled



76.2 x 121.92 cm
30.00 x 48 in






Paintings , Embroidery

"Never Thought I’d Wear A Memorial Tee" 2022

30 x 48 inch. (76.2 x 121.92 cm) acrylic, oil pastel, gold flake on canvas

, United States

Philip Gabriel Steverson was born in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the place that also birthed his love for poetry. Listening to iconic artists such as The Roots, Jill Scott, and Common sparked a passion for Neo-Soul music and self-expression through words. Moving in between Worcester, Massachusetts and Philadelphia in his early years, words became the muse for Philip’s artistic passion. By age eleven, he had been introduced to the literary figures, Langston Hughes and Mark Twain, who inspired him to begin his journey in writing with purpose. Beginning with journaling his thoughts every day, slowly the form of his writing began to take shape as poetry. While in the eighth grade, Philip’s domestic family migrated to Colorado Springs, Colorado; a place that allowed his creativity to blossom through photo shoots, styling, local creative directing, and art. Over time, Philip grew a love for contemporary arts and began to teach himself how to use different mediums to tell his story. Self-teaching himself in acrylic painting throughout his sophomore year in college, Philip began to dig deep into the life lessons of his past to create messages he wanted to present in that medium. The purpose of Philip Gabriel’s work is to influence his peers, individuals who encounter his work, and the youth that follow him to unlock their creativity to their fullest capacities. In the wake of the recent passing of his mother, Katherine Doraella Steverson, Philip’s drive to create powerful work grows stronger as he marches through the next stages of his career.

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Phoenix, 407 E Roosevelt St.

Modified Arts breaks down the traditional art gallery model in its presentation of contemporary art in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. The gallery seeks to present conceptually rigorous work, and strives to connect and cultivate regional, national, and international artists and collectors. Modified Arts showcases stimulating and assertive artwork in an accessi...

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