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1785 EUR



Single piece Signed Titled Framed



71 x 101 x 4.5 cm
27.95 x 40 x 1.77 in







The painting "Gisela, 2021" combines several levels of different images with the technique of collage. It shows a laughing view of the flowing forms of being.

69 x 48 x 1.5 cm no frames
101 x 71 x 4,5 cm with frames

1965 , Germany

"Growing up in the country, I soon began to observe and paint: the peculiar landscape of the Lüneburg Heath, people, animals and architecture. The forests impressed me the most. The changing light, the structures, the unfathomable.

I have kept nature as the central motif in my painting, but it is now more artificial, more geometric or architectural. The conceptual pair of opposites “Romantic Constructivism” is a tension in which I can switch from one extreme painting to another. From cold geometric forms that remind me of the fields at home, to free compositions that fill the painting almost chaotically as a sign of disorder, and again to the narrowness of the city and the crowd."

Peter Lindenberg



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Berlin, Auguststrasse 35

aquabitArt is a place for young vibrant Berlin Art in the premises of aquabit »»» architecture | art | webdesign. Aquabit combines art presentation, architecture and its communication through (web-) design. The exhibition space aquabitArt was opened at the beginning of 2009 in the renowned Berlin "Gallery Street“ - Auguststrasse 35. AquabitArtshows var...

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Untitled 13


11.4 x 24 x 0.1 cm