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Slice of watermelon


Single piece Dated Titled


58 x 58 x 10 cm
23 x 22.83 x 3.94 in







Mixed media

1963 , United States

Peter Anton's sculptures of foods and sweets fascinate through hyperrealism and through their opulent dimensions. The details of his work - whether the "fresh-out-of-the-freezer" look of an ice cream bar or the "sticky" appearance of a Danish Pastry - are proof to his artistic devotion.
For over 25 years, Peter Anton’s iconic works have been extensively exhibited in solo shows throughout the world, including the Allan Stone Gallery, Hammer Galleries, Bruce R. Lewin Gallery, and Unix Gallery in New York City; Urban Art in Seoul; Guy Pieters Gallery in Belgium; Gallery Delaive in Amsterdam; Rarity Gallery in Mykonos; Scott Richards Contemporary Art in San Francisco; Gallery Valentine in East Hampton; and Arcature Fine Art in Palm Beach.



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