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Our Founding Fathers # 001

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Our Founding Fathers # 001






Drawings & Works on Paper


112 x 76 cm
44.09 x 30 in

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  • About the work

Inkjet and gouache on Somerset paper.

Series of work in marbled paper,  done on the first half of 2018, regarding the concept of the “founding fathers”. This series was done according to the methodology that has been taken in consideration on the making of my work in the near past.  It takes in consideration two precise references. The first,  a series of mug shots of a collection of 8 plaster busts. The second, the symbolic implications of the expression “our founding fathers” when we take it from her native place and natural interpretation and use it in a much broader sense. 

About the Artist

1983, Portugal

Pedro Calhau was born in 1983 in Évora, Portugal.
Lives and works between Alentejo and Lisbon. 

2017_ The year of 2017 started with the group show Tudo o Resto alongside with Ana Morgadinho, Luis Silveirinha and Ricardo Pires. It took place at Pavilhão 31, a huge open space run by P28 that had been used to welcome a very wide range exhibitions of art (from big names of the market to Brut Art, and some newcomers, like me). This was the year of my second solo exhibition Nous at Modulo. The exhibition started in April and was a great opportunity to show my series of drawings and paintings Nous. This series last thru the months of May and September spread out to my participation at Arco Lisboa 2017 and Estampa 2017 (Madrid)  respectively,  my debut in art fairs. Finally, this series of work gave  place for the release of an artist book about all the things that get lost in the middle of the process of "the making” that I think should be brought up to the light of the discussion about the work. 
This full year ended with two more collective exhibitions. The first in Alvito, (Alentejo Portugal )commissioned by the residencies program Inter.meada took place at  Espaço Adães Bermudes an old school turned into art space, that over the years add sheltered some of the best young artists from the country.  Bartolomeu Gusmão, João Gabriel, Rui Algarvio, Carme Nogueira and Eladio Aguilera had been part of the 5/6 exhibition. The latter, but not the least, come by an invitation of Sandro Resende, independent curator. This project assembled professional artists and patients from Casa de Saude do Telhal a century-old medical facility for mental health.  Sandro's aim was to put these different sides of the art-making working together. The result was the exhibition Dans le role that took place at S.João de Deus Museum.  Ana Rostron, Alfredo Mineiro, Fernando Azevedo, Luis Alegre, Joana BC, Orlando Franco, Pedro Cabral Santo, Pedro Coelho, Sandra Baia, Susana Anagua, Tiago Batista, Vitor Teixeira,  Victor Manjua,  were the participants of the show.     

​2016_ In 2016 the artist had two group shows. His first show abroad at CAC Magala, Spain (PERIPLOS / ARTE PORTUGUÉS DE HOY) carried up by that institution alongside with  the Luciano Benetton  Fundation. The exhibition assembled a wide sample of contemporary art scene in Portugal. And the latter, a group show of the gallery (Modulo) on the Summer.
On that year the  artist began to work on the series of paintings Nous and whithin  in that frame of work it made an artist book  with the same name.  

2013-2015_ In 2013 decides to pursue a full time artistic practice. Pedro exhibits his work by invitation from Ana Morgadinho and Ricardo Pires, at the Lisbon Open Studios initiative in October. In that November has a solo show at D. Manuel Palace in Évora were displays works made since he left Arco. In that year Pedro (with Ana Morgadinho, Angela Dias, Jose Quintanilha, Ricardo Pires e Vasco Futcsher ) is a founding member of the group EST SECUM. Their first exhibition took place in December of that year in Lisbon. On  June of 2014 the group opens their second exhibition at a new place called Espaço AZ. Former photography gallery Pente 10 now with new philosophy and administration. Late that year exhibits and produces alongside with members of EST SECUM the group show Coterie. Besides the est secum members were invited  for that group exhibition Catarina Osorio Castro, Maria João Brito, Luis Luz e Nuno Barroso. During this year after the reading of some classical texts, Pedro starts to think his way of drawing that could be framed in a sort of problem. For that instance he had picked two images with whose he would make a new one. In 2015 does his first solo exhibition in Lisbon. It took place at the Geological Museum, and for the first time he presents the first results of his new way of doing his drawings. He calls it the Shaman series. In 2015 Pedro did also his first gallery exhibition. It went on Modulo -centro difusor de arte in November of that year. The exhibition presents a selection of  his latest series of drawings called 12 Mountains.  

2010_ In 2010 attends to the Master degree in Art Education at Lusofona University in Lisbon . In 2012 does a lecture on the seminary “ the body, memory and identity” in the same year finishes his thesis and his masters degree. On this period of time the artist don´t develop so much his artistic practice.

2006-2009_ In 2006 joins Arco Advanced Course under mentoring with Manuel Castro Caldas and Miguel Branco. Finishes  Advanced Course in 2008 but remains in the institution for more two years  attending the individual project program. Pedro continues develop his practice on the fields of drawing and painting. During all that period at Arco Pedro has the chance to get to know a lot of names of the north American art culture that will be very important to him and to his work. H. D. Thoreau, Milton Avery, Philip Guston and Ansel Adams become important influences on his artistic path. Pedro is also introduced to names such as Gille Deleuze,  Giorgio Agamben and Peter Sloterdijk that improve his way to think about his contemporary practice. In 2006 has his first exhibition in Lisbon. A group exhibition called project 58 alongside with Manuel Forte,  Ricardo Pires, Vasco Futcsher. In 2009 Pedro gets in touch with Robert Bresson filmography by attending to the workshop “Robert Bresson the art of the cinematograph” lectured by Manuela Braga. In that year wins Ana Martinho’s scholarship to continue his studies at Arco. Pedro exhibits his work by the occasion of the Arco’s Finalists Exhibition09 at Galveias Palace in Lisbon. And them again in 2010 for the same occasion.  

BEGINNIG-2001_ Pedro always had interest on drawing and painting. He’s first contact with painting took place in the Évora Museum. It was on that place in 2001 he went to see works by  Joaquim Bravo that had a big impact on his comprehension of painting and mostly drawing. Besides Bravo, Alvaro Lapa, Julio Pomar and Antoni Tapies were his greatest influences on that time. Pedro Calhau went to Évora University in 2001 to study Visual Arts-Painting. In 2004 he had his first solo exhibition at Alçude Cultural Associaction in Évora. During that period he has the chance for a brief period of time to study with Jame Gilmor. Works mostly on painting as long has the opportunity to get to know a great variety of materials and techniques.

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Lisbon, Calçada dos Mestres, 34A

Módulo-Centro Difusor de Arte opened first in Oporto, in 1975, and later in 1979, in Lisbon. From its begining defined itself as a gallery dedicated to new trends in contemporary art. The programme of every season considers: 1. Artists from the “stable” of the gallery; 2. Foreign artists; 3. Contemporary photography; 4. Presentation of young portug...

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