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The Drowned


Dated Titled


200 x 150 cm
78.74 x 59 in




Drawings & Works on Paper



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Acrylic on canvas. 

1974 Buenos Aires, Argentina

The works of Paula Otegui are real battlefields. Not only because, literally, the artist often represents disputed human groups, submerged in more or less peaceful, more or less chaotic plastic territories, but mainly because other no less evident struggles take place in them: the eternal contest between the graphic and the pictorial, between the line and the stain, between the line and the color.

As a sounding board, Otegui spreads the tensions. With an impeccable technique, it superimposes figurative, abstract, geometric patterns, stains, creating a complex visual plot where the gaze becomes abysmal. For this, he uses a whole series of plastic resources, contained by a strict composition that avoids any dispersion.

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Buenos Aires, Juan Ramirez de Velasco 556

Pabellón 4 Contemporary art, is a meeting place for proposals of contemporary Latin American art, with the commitment to assume practices that prioritize the intellectual search, making emphasis in the production of works in different supports and disciplines, we stand out for being an independent reflective space that extends its praxis to the entire fiel...

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