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Hot Liquid Silver


Single piece Signed Dated Titled


119.38 x 119.38 x 19.05 cm
47.00 x 47 x 7.50 in







Mixed Media on Hand Sculpted Acrylic

, United States

Paul Rousso is an internationally renowned artist and innovator. Raised in North Carolina and educated at the California College of the Arts, Rousso traces his inspiration to the paradoxes of the world around him. A true perfectionist, Rousso’s techniques leap into the future, as his vision and imagination merge to embrace new conceptual and physical boundaries.

From his "painting with paper" collages to his creations of wildly outsized and convoluted wall sculptures of money, magazines, and candy wrappers, Paul Rousso has sought to flatten the dimensional and elevate the flattened. A student of both pop-art and deep classical culture, as well as the vast interceding spectrum, Rousso endeavors to express his commentary on the human condition while physically, psychically, and temporally committing his entire life to the imaginative evolution of his visual artistry. Through intricately detailed renderings and exaggerations of size, Rousso's playful work captures attention and allows the viewer to make connections to the ubiquitous paper all around our daily lives.

Rousso’s work is held in private collections in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and beyond, and numerous public projects of his appear across the United States.

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Recycle Day

Sculpture 144.78 x 228.6 x 33.02cm

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Graphic Work 121.92 x 106.68 x 22.86cm

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Kit Kat King Size 2

Sculpture 99.06 x 87.63 x 12.7cm

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Golden Parachute *_

Sculpture 114.3 x 129.54 x 22.86cm

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The Shield of Poseidon

Sculpture 109.22 x 134.62 x 15.24cm

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Whistler, Unit #110, 4293 Mountain Square

The Whistler Contemporary Gallery Continues Its Dedication to the Promotion of Distinctive Canadian and International Contemporary Art. We represent emerging, mid-career and established artists. Our art encompasses a diversity of styles including figurative, abstract and landscape. The gallery offers an exceptional selection of original paintings, multi-m...

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Round dance I


120 x 120 x 3 cm

10000,00 €

Summertime 1


50 x 70 cm