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Untitled 2




93.98 x 63.5 cm
37.00 x 25 in




Paintings , Drawings & Works on Paper



Watercolors on paper

1989 Sharif, India

Delhi where I live, where I breathe creates an environment of Chaos and panic. Air toxics are a diverse range of air pollutants that are usually present in ambient air in relatively low concentrations but have characteristics such as toxicity or persistence that make them a hazard to human, plant, or animal health. These pollutants include volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, and others. Looking past the obvious, close observation and engagement of the subject is my process. it is close to life and its existence evolved through my lived experience in urban and rural spaces. Tolerating and resting with the drastic change compels me to be patient to resist the action to cope with these destructions. India’s transition in an area of intense urbanization, which creates enormous social, economic, and environmental changes. This unprecedented movement of people is forecast to continue and intensify during the next few decades, mushrooming cities to sizes unthinkable only a century ago, have questions of survival because it’s affecting our ozone layer and we are finding a better place of respiration. Now it’s impossible to breathe in under the sky as we have the most populated, most polluted environment all around us. It creates a kind of ambiguity between reality and unreality, the chaos of culture, and a spiritual quest.
The polluted air in our surrounding raise a question what sort of futures can we imagine for our atmosphere? My work raises a question to society and on the other hand answers as a satire. What we are going to leave for our future generation-“A Breath of Fresh air or Poison of Smog.”

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Paintings 35.56 x 26.67cm

825,00 €


Paintings 22.86 x 48.26cm

250,00 €

chaotic map III

Paintings 238.76 x 152.4cm

3000,00 €


Haryana, 227, South Point Mall

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Untitled III


120 x 140 cm

10080,00 €



60 x 40 x 0.1 cm

850,00 €

Ri-nascita / Re-birth


350 x 410 x 180 cm