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80 x 200 x 50 cm
31.50 x 79 x 19.69 in

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Medium: copper and terracotta. Since 2002 Nicola Zamboni has worked side by side with Sara Bolzani at the mammoth sculptural group entitled Humanity. Inspired by the triptych with the Battle of San Romano by Paolo Uccello, the work is an extraordinary allegory of life and modern times. Alongside the legendary figures of the knights who fight in the saddle of mighty steeds, the founding nucleus of Humanity, over the years - as the group is constantly increasing - some acclaimed actors of today: marginalized, migrants, refugees on the way, marching in silence, embody the horrors of war and the tragedy of migration. The events and destinies of these "discard lives" are told by a sad and melancholic Tessitrice. The bodies swallowed by the waters reveal themselves before his and our eyes: it is the image of human life poised, waiting, between hope and despair, as in the Medusa Raft of Théodore Géricault.

About the Artist

1943 , Italy

Nicola Zamboni was born in Bologna on May 10, 1943. Once he completed his studies and the military service, he enrolled at the Academy of fines arts of Bologna, but feeling dissatisfied with the context and the relationships with teachers, he dropped out it at the third year. In 1968 he went to England to meet Henry Moore who housed him in for about a month. In 1975 he started teaching as assistant of the sculpture Quinto Ghermandi at the Academy in Bologna. From 1997 to 2004 he was chair of sculpture at the Academy of fine arts of Brera in Milan, where he met Sara Bolzani. The sculptor portrays the human figure with realistic forms, with a careful search of the detail and life-size, in large choral works that require the use of various modeling techniques. His sculptures are made of different materials including ceramic, concrete, stone, wood, copper. Zamboni signed the big monument placed in Marzabotto, in front the town hall, as well as many sculptures-monuments commemorating the massacre of Bologna located in various Italian cities. His public artworks are located across Italy and especially in the Emilia-Romagna region. Drawings, sketches and sculptures enrich private collections in Italy, Spain, Vietnam, Germany, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Equatorial Guinea, Cuba, Mexico, Moscow, Crete, Australia, Sweden, France e Libya.

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100 x 200 x 10 cm

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Bologna, Galleria Falcone e Borsellino 4 – 40123 Bologna

Galleria d’Arte del Caminetto in Bologna, Italy, promotes ancient and modern art since 1966, when it was founded by Romana and Paolo Zauli. Directed by Maria Zauli since 1994, the gallery has countless exhibitions devoted to painting, sculpture and drawing from the fifteenth to the eighteenth century - with particular attention to the area of ​​Bologna...

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