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Serpent River


Single piece Signed Dated Titled


20.32 x 114.3 x 22.86 cm
8 x 45.00 x 9.00 in







Mixed Media

, United States

I believe the quality of our lives is enhanced by surrounding ourselves with art that express values beyond their aesthetic, that possess intelligence in their creation, that one can interact with and that will stimulate the senses every time one engages with them...

Neil Clifford currently resides in Nova Scotia. He is a sculptor, creating one of a kind and limited edition bronze and stone art.  His art reflects his deep appreciation of nature and his desire to engage the viewer with powerful visual and tactile forms. Neil’s understanding and use of natural stones combined with manufactured materials, the intimate relationship between the process of finding forms in nature and creating bronze sculptures for them, and the continuity from the concept stage to the final presentation define his studio and work today. 

His work can be found in significant international private and corporate collections and is exhibited at major art and design fairs.

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North Beach

30.48 x 78.74 x 22.86cm

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Whistler, Unit #110, 4293 Mountain Square

Off-Piste Fine Arts Continues Its Dedication to the Promotion of Distinctive Canadian, American, and International Contemporary Art. We represent emerging, mid-career and established artists. Our art encompasses a diversity of styles including figurative, abstract and landscape. The gallery offers an exceptional selection of original paintings, multi-media w...

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