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Single piece



91.44 x 157.48 x 27.94 cm
36 x 62.00 x 11.00 in







Wire Armature with Paper Maché, Paint, Resin, Wooden Base.

Inspired by the symbolic chrysalis and cicada, this work explores the concept of resurrection and metamorphosis. The seemingly lifeless figure gives way to a brilliantly lit persona that is beginning to break through. The old skin is withered and without color, while a new brilliance emerges

1974 Oklahoma City, United States

Nathan Lee is a multimedia artist and illustrator from the United states. Best known for his paper based sculptures, Lee works in a variety of styles and mediums. Mr. Lee’s work has exhibited nationally and internationally and has been featured in various publications. He is currently working on his first project as both, illustrator and writer. Entitled “The Frozen Tundra”, Lee describes his latest effort as a storybook for adults. Encompassing themes such as male fragility, the complexities of  gender identity, The Frozen Tundra maintains a levity and a sense of humor.


Lee plans to follow up The Frozen Tundra with two more books in the series. Each of the books will have different themes and subject matter.

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Oklahoma City, 1515 N. Lincoln Blvd,

1515 Lincoln Gallery is a contemporary and estate art gallery residing in a 1920’s historic house on Lincoln Boulevard in Oklahoma City. Founder, Susan McCalmont, cultivates art education and meaningful connections with a wide variety of modern and secondary market art genres from around the world. McCalmont has established a unique all-inclusive gallery s...

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