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Little Gulliver


Single piece Dated Titled

From the series Gulliver



40 x 30 cm
16 x 11.81 in







The "Little Gulliver" characters were initially created in acrylic on large paper, then in smaller formats. Bringing all these little characters together creates a strange symphony, the theme of which is a giant in miniature. For those willing to play the game of interpretation, the artist's secret lies in the absurdity and paradox of his terminology and pictorial style. 

At first glance, all these works appear to be identical, an impression reinforced by their format. But on closer inspection, the differences quickly become apparent. Here, an observer with his walking stick, there, a blissfully happy man with his doll, then a tough guy, watching over traditions with his dog, and finally an investigator-evader inspecting the corpse of a cockerel with a magnifying glass.

Changing moods, inner life, the depths of the Soul, dramatic emotions - these are all messages sent by the artist and proof of his affection for the 'Little Gulliver'. Natalia invites us to rediscover the secret of her search for something beyond innocence in her paintings.

1966 , Russian Federation

Natalia Kuznetzova was born in Moscow. She lives and works in Israel. She studied Painting at the Faculty State Art Institute in Moscow. Since 1991 she is a member of the Artist Union of the USSR. Since 1994 member of International Association of Art (AIAP) UNESCO. In 1994 she was awarded the Shoshana and Mordechai Ish-Shalom prize for her painting. In 1996 was awarded scholarship Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of land Schlesvig-Holdstain (Germany). In 2003 prize of Israel Ministry of Culture “Cite International des Arts” Paris - residents & work. Some of Natalia Kuznetzova's paintings were sold by the Ministry of Culture of the USSR, to private collections in Russia, Israel, France, USA, UK, Belgium, Germany, S.Korea, etc. Natasha Kuznetsova’s complex, personal and associative world is accompanied by a combined tragic-comic perspective, while evoking art history. The ideas her work are based on are reduced to the point they appear flat and placard-like, her subjects resembling comic book superheroes.

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Marseille, 12 rue de la Cathédrale

Dedicated to contemporary art, Galerie POLYSEMIE in Marseille, works with artists from all over the world. Whilst we represent artists who are well established in the current art scene, Polysémie favours young emerging artists who show great potential for future development. Galerie Polysemie takes care of artists belonging to « outsider art » univers...

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