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8000 EUR
4.2 5 20

Grande stellato


Signed Dated Titled



100 x 140 cm
39 x 55.12 in







Signed on the reverse
Authenticity certificate on photo

Artist's studio

1943 , Italy

Natale Addamiano, Bitetto (Bari), 12th of May 1943. After moving to Milan in 1968, he attended Brera Academy of Arts and got graduated in 1972. In 1971 he held a personal show at the Galleria Solferino; texts in the catalogue were written by Giorgio Seveso and in that situation there were introduced thirty paintings around the theme “Diari Notturni”; this theme will accompany his artistic career for more than ten years. In 1972 it was organized his solo show at “A-Dieci” in Padua. In 1973 another solo show was set at “Galleria La Bussola” in Bari with his big-size paintings. In 1974 another solo show took place at the Gallery “Il Modulo”, in Francavilla a Mare. Pietro Maino invited him to XXV “Michetti Prize” and to “Immaginazione e Realtà”, at the Pinacoteca Provinciale in Bari. He started to teach Painting at Brera Academy of Arts in Milan from 1976. He also started his rich litographic production collaborating with the printing house “La Spirale” in Milan. In 1978 Roberto Sanesi curated the catalogue of his solo show at Cocorocchia Gallery in Milan, and he afterwards invited the artist at “Astrazione del Paesaggio”, at the Ducal Palace in Urbino. In 1983 he showed an anthology of engravings at Palazzo Sormani in Milan; in that occasion he met Kayako Shimada, who became his referent for Japan. In October 2003 Addamiano launched five solo shows in Japan in the cities of Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Niigata. In 1984 he partecipated at the collective exhibition “Venti Artisti per Manzoni” at San Fedele Centre in Milan. In 1986 and in 1991 he attended two exhibitions about the Engraving at Triennale di Milano and at the Permanente Palace in Milan. In 1993, “Città di Brera” took place at Palazzo della Regione in Milan. In 1994 “Brera” was set at Galleria d’arte moderna in Gallarate, the exhibition was curated by Daniela Palazzoli. In 2001 he partecipated at the show “Il segno grafico” at Pino Pascali Palace in Polignano a Mare. In 2006 “Arte e Pensiero” was set up at Palazzo Tè in Mantua. In 1993 it was organized an anthological show at “Villa Cattaneo”, accompanied by a catalogue with texts of Angelo Bertani. In 2004 he held an exhibition in Cracovia, at the Italian Cultural Institute, the catalogue was curated by Flaminio Gualdoni. In 2005 a big anthological show “1970-2005” took place at National Archaeological Museum in Paestum and in that occasion Luca Beatrice documented his whole artistic career. In 2008 the town of Molfetta dedicated him a personal show at “Torrione Passari”, where works dating from 1979-2008 concerning the theme “la gravina”, were accompanied by a catalogue with texts of Piero Boccuzzi. In the same year, in the rooms of the “Casa del Pane” in Milan, a big exhibition was set around the theme “Italian Nocturnes”, the catalogue were written by Giorgio Seveso. In 2010 Flamino Gualdoni presented his new paintings on the theme “Starry Skies” at Dep Art Gallery in Milan. After that, the starry skies series started, and paintings about that theme were shown in Amsterdam, Bologna, New York and Verona Art Fairs. In 2016, Flaminio Guidoni wrote the monographic volume about “Starry Skies”, published by Dep Art Gallery that has also created, in his head office the General Archive of the artist's works. Natale Addamiano lives and works in Milan.

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Milan, Via Comelico, 40

Dep Art Gallery opened on 22 September 2006 with an exhibition of works by Mario Nigro. Founded in Milan by Antonio Addamiano, it owes its name, which stands for Distribution and Art Promotion, to the English word "depart". It is, thus, a departure with a precise direction that the gallery pursues to this day, characterized by a broad and varied cultural pr...

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