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Louvre IV


Single piece


21 x 30 cm
8 x 11.81 in





Photographic transfer on plaster

, Romania

Mircea MODREANU - is a multidisciplinary artist, cultural project manager and gallerist. He attended the Faculty of Fine Arts at UAD Cluj, and immediately after graduation, he reconfigured his route to Bucharest. In 2014 he graduated from a master's program at the National University of Arts in Bucharest, in the Graphic Arts department and a year later he founded an NGO, representing his debut as a cultural project manager. Since 2018, when ETAJ artist-run space project was born, he organised over 200 exhibitions. In 2020 during lockdown, as a form of documentation, he started filming interviews with artists that were afterwards uploaded to the YouTube channel ETAJ TV; he is the coordinator of E T A J Magazine, a publication launched as a means to promote Romanian contemporary art and local artists.

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Bucharest, George Enescu 43

E T A J is an artist-run space, a catalyst that focuses on the efficiency of the contemporary artistic object within the local context. Some artists have grouped themselves into the idea of conceiving a cultural cell. Through their journey, but also in their connection there is no conventional model. Whether it is a group exhibition, a solo one or other even...

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