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Backstage of an Island


Single piece Signed Dated Titled


45.5 x 69 cm
18 x 27.17 in







Collage on map printing

45,5 x 69 cm (each)

1964 Lisbon, Portugal

He was born in 1964 in Lisbon, where he currently lives and works. He has been exhibiting regularly since the late 1980s. His sculptural art course is marked by installations produced in a non-traditional way. He often works in teams with engineers, mechanics, carpenters and biologists, among other specialists. His work has a hybrid character, linked to the industrial production of the twentieth century. Palma's work often addresses the way technology has influenced modern man's life, its relation to the environment, the idea of ​​human comfort or the idea of ​​power.

Parallel to the construction of facilities, of great and average scale, he also frequently uses drawing, video, performance, the construction of miniatures in his projects and his books.

Since 2007, he has participated regularly in residencies in different artistic spaces, such as Location One (USA), International Studio & Curatorial Program (USA), Headlands Center for the Arts (USA), Montalvo Arts Center Museum (USA), voyons voir | art contemporain et territoire (France), Association Château de Servières (France), 18th Street Arts Center (USA) and others

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Ponta Delgada São Miguel - Açores, Rua Dr. Guilherme Poças Falcão, 21

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