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65 x 50 x 2 cm
25.59 x 20 x 0.79 in







A painting depicting a large bouquet of blue hydrangeas.
An expressionist canvas, with material

Michèle Kaus likes to work with knife painting, she prepares generous color palettes, the material is then smoothed with the painting trowel. She likes to feel the material, fresh and malleable.

1952 , France

Michèle Kaus was born in Paris. She painted as a teenager and attended several Parisian workshops by attending graphic arts classes at the Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers.

In 1994, after a long experience at Cartier, place Vendôme in Paris, she prolonged her taste for beautiful work and the elegance of gesture in painting and created her studio to devote herself fully to her art.

After taming different techniques, she is captivated by knife work. Michèle Kaus will tell you "I prepare generous pallets of colors, the material is then smoothed with the trowel to paint. I like working in full dough, feel the material, fresh and malleable. "

He is a painter of nature, the elements enthuse him. His travels and meetings are the bases of his creations that remain figurative and dream.

The beaches of Cote Fleurie are his favorite subjects. The sky and the light of Normandy which attracted so many painters are not indifferent to him.

His paintings sometimes reflect the serene beauty of a Vietnam landscape or the shimmering colors of Africa. Michèle Kaus is also resizing nature to introduce her verve. It amplifies the radiation of the flowers to exhale the essence and renew our wonder.

The light circulates and highlights the contrasts that give the relief. The artist sometimes pushes the stripping to the extreme: with a vigorous gesture, the subject is brushed on a beautiful linen cloth that serves as background. She does not hesitate to reject conventions and rules to stay creative.

Michèle Kaus lives in Normandy and exhibits in different galleries; Paris, Le Touquet Paris-Beach, Le Havre, Amiens, Caen, Bec Hellouin, Honfleur and abroad. Her paintings are often sold in auction rooms, she has been listed on AKOUN since 2000.

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7540,00 €



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750,00 €

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6500,00 €