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Natural dyes in canvas - 2019 circa

Paez creates series of works inspired by mythology aimed at a dialogue with the viewer and his subconscious.

The artist expresses himself through abstraction, with his works he creates a world of sensations, a universe of shapes and colours that flood the canvas and express deep and intimate emotions. This artist loves to work with works in series: Chaos, Emotio, Vestigium, Insomnia, Papalotl, Altum, Nature, Omnia. All her works are inspired by mythology. Feelings and nature reflect on the pure states of consciousness and unconsciousness, aimed at establishing a dialogue with the viewer, appealing to his subconscious so as to allow him to perceive the message hidden in each canvas. His production is the result of constant research, exhaustive work and passion for painting. The chromatic freedom, the lack of forms, are supported by a subjective and spontaneous visual language inevitably using a method of impulsive creation. In support of this multi-sensorial will Paez prefers large formats: the interpretation of space-time thus promotes an amplified aesthetic experience. What counts here is the process, the act of painting rather than the final result, even if in this case it is extraordinary.

The authenticity embodied by the expressive nature of her work is another of the great contributions of this artist.

The work for sale belongs to the serious Omnia, it has the signature on the bottom right and on the back.

1959 Bilbao, Spain

María Alonso Pàez was born in Bilbao in 1959, already at an early age she approached painting, fascinated by colours and shapes. She began studying art in Bilbao and then moved to London. From a very young age she took part in many successful exhibitions, receiving great acclaim from both critics and the public.

Since the eighties she travels all over the world, enriching her artistic imagination, creating more conceptual and reflective works. Maria's desire to study painting in depth is inexhaustible, giving her the input to experiment widely with different techniques, materials and textures of her art, using mainly natural pigments.

Form and colour replace the figure, creating a universe of sensations and a powerful visual effect, leading the viewer to a deep reflection on the origin of our being as human.

She has participated in exhibitions in capitals all over the world, among which we can mention: Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Paris, New York, Tokyo and Milan.

In addition to exhibitions, Páez has participated in trade fairs such as the Madeira International Art Biennial, receiving many critical insights into his work, such as the catalogue of the Faustino Orbegozo Foundation or that of the demiurge Alexander Yakimovich.

Some of her works belonged to the Omnia series, dedicated to the colour red and the emotional whirlwinds it provokes in us.

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