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4200 EUR
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((Ra)) XIII


Signed Dated Titled Framed

From the series ((Ra))



110 x 140 cm
43 x 55.12 in







1962 Florence, Italy

Marco Signorini's photographs are landscapes, narrative moments, undefined places that may belong to both the past and the present. The artist addresses the theme of the contemporary landscape, giving voice to nature, which in its size and strength, is the undisputed star of all his works.
His work cannot be attributed to trends or movements: landscape, portrait, architecture or documentation are practiced in an overtaking of various form of expression in an effort to reach a broader dimension.  Color is a kind of monochrome: it is totally abstracted from reality and comes from a use of special filters that highlight the uniqueness of the atmospheric and geographical conditions that reminds of certain paintings.

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Modena, Via Carteria, 10

Metronom is an art gallery and publishing house based in Modena, Italy. Founded by Marcella Manni, Metronom is committed to researching and promoting projects related to contemporary visual culture through solo and collective exhibitions of Italian and international artists. The attention to the creative practices of the younger artistic generations find...

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