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Les Oaristys (S. Humanité)


Single piece Signed


130 x 195 cm
51 x 76.77 in







Oil and inks on linen canvas

1953 , France

Born near Paris in 1953, Loïc Bonnefont was raised in an artistic environment by his mother's family. There, in the heart of Brittany, he was introduced to painting by his grandparents, painters and professors at the Beaux-Arts, and showed an early taste and talent for drawing, composition and color. When he left school in Paris, he did illustrations for newspapers, as well as portraits and caricatures.
Since the 1970s, he has lived in the Hérault region of France, then in the Gard, where he has also worked in ceramics and sculpture. His painting is that of an established artist, with an obvious mastery of technique and a rare knowledge of how to put it to use in an original, overflowing and challenging imagination.
Loïc Bonnefont first came to the attention of the Salon d'Automne in 1984, where he was unanimously elected a member from his very first exhibition. Since then, he has won several awards at art fairs and held exhibitions in France and abroad: Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Montpellier, Épernay, etc. ... Germany, USA, Switzerland, Belgium.
Loïc Bonnefont plays with duality through his keen sense of observation of forms and their containers: Metamorphoses, passages and suggestions upset our perception of the infinite and the finite, the exterior and the interior, the concrete and the abstract, ranging from the provocative to the modest, in the power or lightness of the unusual...
Her passion, since childhood, has been drawing. Very early on, his passion for the technique of oil painting was combined with it. He often uses both in mixed techniques, whose textures, rich materials and contrasting effects offer him the greatest moments.
His painting is meant to be that of the imaginary, free from all confinement. Nothing pleases him more, through confrontation with matter, primarily through drawing, than the technical challenge of reproducing the mental images instilled in him by countless nomadic ideas and emotions, and thus recreating a transposed reality. He likes to draw from these diverse visions the shapes of the bodies, landscapes and worlds that materialize on paper or canvas, with no other inspiration than this inner perception, nourished by all his eyes and all his memories.
He has always been driven by the idea of "drawing thought", before any preoccupation with aesthetics, which the realization will then attempt to summon, nourished by emotion. He has always refused to depend on any particular process, loving too much that each thought, each emotion that seizes him be expressed with the technique and spirit that are their due, to try, in a coveted return, to make them more striking. More present. More sharable.
His broad interest in the great painters ranges from Rembrandt, Zurbaran, Goya, Bonnard, Monet and Répine to Klimt, Ernst, Dali, Bacon and many, many others...

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