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Destellos 2


Single piece Signed



80 x 80 cm
32 x 31.50 in







Acrylic on canvas

1958 Barcelona, Spain

Born in Barcelona in 1958, since she was a child she was passionate about drawing and painting, as well as everything related to material art, she loved to see how with a piece of wood, clay or simply paper could be made real sculptures, she was attracted to the whole world of art.
Her art is a reflection of her own identity, her own experiences, concepts, ideas, themes and principles that are important to her.
She loves the freedom to express and create in an intuitive and instinctive way, reflecting her past and present experiences.
She started since she was a child, at the age of 12 she went to class with a painter named Luis García Oliver, she learned with him the techniques of painting and drawing in a very realistic way with colored pencils, chalk, charcoal and other materials.
Later, while she was studying, she attended several drawing, painting and sculpture academies.
The artist in a period of her career is defined as a figurative painter, reaching the magical realism. We could also say that some works of this period can be identified as impressionist.
Luisa goes into a retrospective of her childhood and her childhood where feelings, dreams, memories... come to the surface.
Her curiosity and eagerness have led her to use mixed techniques such as collage, inks, colors, pastels, oil, acrylic and other types of different textures, a fascinating world full of sensations that make her vibrate.
From then on he has moved towards an abstract world, where painting almost intuitively creates shapes, movements, brushstrokes with energy, which create a series of emotional qualities and characteristics, such as harmony, beauty, strength, power, balance and the feeling of freedom to express feelings, emotions and ideas with total freedom.
"Inspiration is the past, the lived, the longed for, the enjoyed, but with the vision of a today. When I create a work it transports me to a world apart where I find fulfillment and joy. It is the language of my soul and the inspiration of my heart, this is how the results come to life, I believe that art in any of its forms is a wonderful gift that brings good vibrations to the world".

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Madrid, C/ Martin de los Heros 74 – B

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