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shepherd's purse (common alien, cosmopolitan)



50 x 50 cm
20 x 19.69 in







, France



Through installations, performances and graphic works, French artist Lise Duclaux, born in 1970, takes a close interest in plants, their nomenclature, their medicinal uses but also the places from which they are chased away, the way in which man coerces their often frenzied growth.

 A metaphorical parallel is drawn by the artist  between on the one hand human beings and plants, on the other hand nomenclature and laws. As a matter of fact, plants also have their existential doubts and their political debates.

 The artist oscillates between the one and the other, keeps the right perspective between the advantages of the one and the disadvantages of the other, examines the relationship between the needs of the individual and those of a society. This whole murmuring can be heard through Lise Duclaux's various creations, made up of words connected and disconnected, expressions of joy as well as cries of rage and distress.


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Ixelles, Rue de la Concorde 31

Since Sept.2016 Natacha Mottart, Christophe Veys and Olivier Legrain, have developed a programme focused on national and international artists from career circles whose works are witnesses to the concerns of a world in the making. Our programme seeks to promote a dialogue between different areas of knowledge such as science, history, literature and politics....

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