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1400 EUR

Cosi after the rain


Single piece Signed Titled



92 x 65 x 1.8 cm
36.22 x 26 x 0.71 in







Oil on canvas

Hand-signed by artist

Certificate of authenticity included and issued by gallery

, United States

A fairy tale come true...

When I was a little girl in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, I believed in fairy tales. Then, like so many of us, life took over and I forgot my dreams.

When I was twenty, I went to the University of Maine to study English, where I discovered oil painting: it was love at first sight. I then changed direction and headed for the Beaux-Arts. I loved the smell, the texture and the discoveries of painting.

Then, along the way, I had to leave school to take care of my children and my family, while working in a "real" job. Slowly, paints and brushes left the living room for the cellar. There were just a few old photos of my paintings left, which I kept with me everywhere, as a reminder of who I had been before I became a mother, wife and employee.

Then, at forty, something happened, I woke up. Maybe it was a birthday thing, but I started to ask myself: how can I call myself a painter, when all I have to show for it is a few poor fifteen year old photos? Why did I leave my true passion on a shelf for so long? So I started to paint again, even going to France for practical work. In short, abandoning my "real" job, I returned to the University of Massachusetts to rediscover the exhilaration of the smell of linseed oil and turpentine. For me, painting was like putting back on a beloved old T-shirt, long forgotten and suddenly found. My life had become perfect happiness.

Until the day when, a year after my return to university, everything changed with the sudden, accidental death of my partner of six years. Without him, I was lost and didn't know what to do or where to go. My life was over... or so I thought. But one night an inner voice said to me: "If something as strange as his death could happen, why should anything else be impossible? Follow your dreams, not what is expected of you. "My children were grown. Everything I owned was gone. Why not? And so I packed my bag, flew to Paris and a week later took part in an exhibition. Oh, not much, a small group show, but I was exhibiting (and selling!) my painting in Paris.

Now I live and paint in Paris and Seborga, Italy, a dream I never thought possible. So you see, fairy tales do come true.

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