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Blue Springs Studio Map


Signed Dated Titled


75 x 55 cm
30 x 21.65 in





Blue Springs Studio Map

Year: 2010
Watercolor, acrylic, gouache, marker, oil pastel, photograph, paper, stickers, stamp, and mixed media on folded paper
Signed, dated by hand
COA provided

1976 Lawton, United States

Kory Twaddle’s works explore her interactions with space as subject matter in which she seeks to give physical presence to her own encounters with the world via lived diagrams. Her works are records of the moment, of specific periods of time and space that consider how she moves through her studio, home, and workplace. Using collaged elements and objects from these locations, they map the buildings in an abstracted and playful way in efforts to examine how the body and the spaces it inhabits are intertwined in reality and conceptual architectures. The paintings, drawings, collages, and mixed media installation works are laid flat in the process of making in order for pools of color to form and combine. Gouache, watercolor, acrylic, and oils are used, on canvas, paper, or board. Other works include dry media drawing with graphite, conté crayon, marker, and colored pencil, along with other mixed media. Layered additions of objects from these locations, sometimes personal possessions of the artist and others found, add a sense of time and place. The Situationists movement in art is a huge influence of Twaddle’s work. An award-winning artist, she is also an art educator. Exhibiting her work locally, nationally, and internationally, she has created individual installations as well as been included in numerous group shows, and participates in projects with artists and artist collectives.  

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Kansas City,

Cerbera Gallery takes pride in showcasing many local artists, in addition to nationally and internationally renowned works. What has put Cerbera in the spotlight is a unique presentation and curatorial extravagance spanning all levels of artist maturity and price. Artist on our roster include Peter Voulkos, Jennifer Wolf, Terry Dixon, Greg Miller, Guenther U...

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Les Ailées #12


74 x 110 cm


The Beloved at the Spring Ritual


100 x 80 x 1 cm

290,00 €