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Transfer Gesso #2


Dated Titled


50 x 60 cm
19.69 x 24 in







Gesso on linen.

The works of Kirsten Hutsch investigate the relation between the real and the image. It is an inquiry into the nature of human perception and the substance of reality. Across a variety of mediums, these works pose the ambiguity of the essential reality of the physical object on the one hand and the inherently artificial nature of their depiction on the other.The work allows the object to manifest in its actual, material and sensory ambiguity.In the  Transfer Gesso, the original painting is reconfigured onto a canvas twin. For these works, gesso was peeled off one canvas and the pieces were glued back onto another other.

1974 , United States

Kirsten Hutsch (1974) works and lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She has a BA in sculpture (Fine Art Maastricht) and studied at the postgraduate programme of the Rijks Academie in Amsterdam.


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Art Nueve´s program and philosophy revolve around the concept of art as a reflection on the core problems of the subject in question, working on these through a visual poetry that combines power and subtlely . With objective to showcase current artistic trends. The artists with whom we work share this notion of art, of doing, of thinking, which together wit...

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