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Woodwork 2 Discover the best available selection of sculptures by the artist Kari Anne Marstein. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness! Kooness
1600 EUR

Woodwork 2


Single piece Signed

From the series Woodwork sculptures



55 x 200 x 1.2 cm
21.65 x 79 x 0.47 in




Paintings , Sculpture



Acrylic paint on cutout wood.
Last photo is of the artist with Woodwork 1 and Woodwork 2

1977 Eidsvoll, Norway

Kari AnneMarstein, based in Lillestrøm (Norway), is known for her colourful paintings of human faces that give a special focus to the eyes. Her style has been described as naive and figurative, and she encourages viewers to craft their own stories and interpretations of her work. “Each piece of art comes from my imagination and inspiration—and it usually develops without a sense of a final vision, my artistic process is very intuitive”.
While most of her paintings depict human faces, Kari Anne never paints commissioned portraits. “I want viewers to recognise who they want in my work, and to craft their own stories and interpretations.”

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Oslo, Grünersgate 3

Purenkel gallery is an independent and colourful art gallery located in the heart of Oslo, Norway. Dedicated to the urban art vibes, - focusing on original acrylic paintings, limited edition digital art on paper and ceramic sculptures. The gallery collaborates with selected artists that offer unique eye candy for the heart, the soul and the wall. Art is foo...

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Rostock Lichtenhagen 1992


11 x 33 x 9 cm

900,00 €

Untitled XII


14.73 x 21.08 cm