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Signed Dated Titled


91 x 91 cm
36 x 35.83 in







Acrylic on screen printing.

Julian T works directly on Sunday B. Morning screen printings, that are the post mortem prints of Andy Warhol's works. 

Andy Warhol started working on the imagery of Marilyn Monroe after her tragic death in 1967. So created a series of 10 variations in what is now referred to as the "Marilyn Series", each with the same composition, but different color variations. There were only 250 copies made in total. Some of them were signed, others he only initialed, some he dated and others he didn’t. There were also 26 sets of Artist Proofs, which Warhol signed and lettered on the back. These original prints were published by Factory Additions. These are the most expensive Marilyn screenprints, which auction anywhere from $100,000 each one. 

In 1970, these original silkscreens were reproduced to create a new series of Marilyn screenprints in ten new color variations. These were named “Sunday B Morning” prints some of them being signed by Warhol himself using the phrase: “this is not me. Andy Warhol", because at first time these serie wasn't offically authorizated.

In 1985, a third series was produced with a stamped signature and these became known as the "European Artist’s Proof Editions". It is unknown how many of these were made.

The next editions were producted with the originally colours and didn't present any signature, only we can find a stamped in blue ink on the back instead of black that was used for the firsts editions and are referred to as the "Blue Ink series".

The screenprenting used by Julian T belong to these last series, with his impact, he distorts the image and changes its meaning, making the precious original product his. Unique work of the new collection of the artist reports on the back, written in blue, the phrase "Fill with your own signature". The Sunday B.Morning is numberd 275/2500. Unique artwork by Julian T signed on the beck.

1985 Genova, Italy

IMPACT is a tecnique and an artistic language developed by the contemporary artist Julian T, conditioned by media and contemporary icons.

Julian T was born in 1985 in Genova and he graduated in art in to Liceo Artistico Arturo Martini (Savona). He chooses symbols, icons from cinema, music, politic, and contemporary society or subject of art masterpieces, for example the Gioconda of Leonardo da Vinci.

Every works are characterized by colourful stains, which capture the attention of the wiever and produce mental and psychological effects on the subconscious; all subjects keep their characteristics and traits, while spots and stains cover part of the surface in an abstract way.

Creative and conceptual process have the same importance for Julian T, who tries to change only the superficial appearance and the gaze and not the subject. The MARYLIN series is an important example of Julian T’s method, who gets from the art market the edition realized by Sunday B. Morning of Andy Warhol’s Marylin and he works on it.


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Milano, Via Carlo Pisacane 36

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Femme à l'enfant


42 x 61 cm


Communion Saint Sylvestre


70 x 70 x 2.5 cm

1000,00 €