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Single piece Dated Titled


79 x 100 cm
31 x 39.37 in







Acrylic on canvas.

Alchimia is a collection characterized by the acrylic impact of the artist Julian T in different bright colours that becomes a trademark as the artist’s signature. The artwork is composed by black and yellow tones. 
Unique artwork signed on the back.

1985 Genova, Italy

IMPACT is a tecnique and an artistic language developed by the contemporary artist Julian T, conditioned by media and contemporary icons.

Julian T was born in 1985 in Genova and he graduated in art in to Liceo Artistico Arturo Martini (Savona). He chooses symbols, icons from cinema, music, politic, and contemporary society or subject of art masterpieces, for example the Gioconda of Leonardo da Vinci.

Every works are characterized by colourful stains, which capture the attention of the wiever and produce mental and psychological effects on the subconscious; all subjects keep their characteristics and traits, while spots and stains cover part of the surface in an abstract way.

Creative and conceptual process have the same importance for Julian T, who tries to change only the superficial appearance and the gaze and not the subject. The MARYLIN series is an important example of Julian T’s method, who gets from the art market the edition realized by Sunday B. Morning of Andy Warhol’s Marylin and he works on it.


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Milano, Via Carlo Pisacane 36

Pisacane Arte is a contemporary and modern art gallery situated in Milan. With over 300 mq of space, the gallery organizes exhibitions, events and cultural conferences in order to encourage the encounter between artists, collectors and art lovers. The art gallery offers artworks by historicized and emerging artists, with a particular attention to pop and st...

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