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To Move the Sun and Earth Away #1



From the series To Move the Sun and Earth Away


43 x 50 cm
17 x 19.69 in







Archival ink-jet print on Hahnemuehle PhotoRag 308g / custom made walnut frame with 2-sided mirrors


To Move the Sun and Earth Away is a photographic and sound project exploring the human perception of environment – how we comprehend it, its deceptions, and how deeply is rooted our sense of otherness in relation to nature. Otherness is ubiquitous and its latent effects have a huge impact on our culture and power structures. How biased is our perspective on the environment and its past? A question like this prompted another, and another, until I found myself contemplating the issues such as discovering the truth, living in denial and fear, as well as the reasons for detachment. One of the key ideas behind this work is the concept of dualism – a stance of clear distinction and separation between two entities. The physical form of installation developed from this idea, i.e., questioning the plurality of positions and significance and bias originating from omnipresent dualisms, such as truth vs. falsity, hiding vs. revealing, accepting vs. avoiding & denying, and fact vs. fiction.

The mirrors in front of the photographs blur a direct view of the images, thus allowing practically innumerable perspectives and perceptions of the photographs. Recently, I have focused on the exploration of sculptural aspects of photography and the idea of a photograph as a subliminal object that to be fully perceived, it needs to be explored first. Artwork as a puzzle, which requires a certain input to reach its entirety. In other words, I try to use the capacity of image to reveal what is invisible to us – not exposing the unknown or unseen, but rather discovering an aspect in things and objects that got lost within the depths of our own perception.

The work presented is not about any environmental past, present or future crisis. Environmental impact is just one manifestation of the phenomenon I was interested in. With this series, I question the reasons behind these anomalies, how people cope with them and what feelings they trigger. The selected photographs, paired with sound, depict an atmosphere and a feeling of inanimate nature in decay. Soundscapes draw on the field recordings which were arranged into new pieces. The idea is to create a “perceptual playground”, where viewers would explore the work both visually and auditory. The intimate experience would absorb the viewer and confront them with our stance on nature and (self)deceit.

1997 , Slovenia

Jošt Dolinšek (1997, Slovenia) is a visual artist primarily interested in art photography. In 2020, he earned a BA in psychology at the University of Ljubljana. Currently he is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he studies photography at HDK-Valand. Dolinšek mainly works on long-term projects, exploring the visual experience of the environment and his relation to it. He is interested in various approaches to photographic art, combining it with other media, such as sound and installation. In 2018, he exhibited and published his series In Between under the If Slovenia Were project. Dolinšek was one of the selected artists in the 3rd cycle of Parallel Photo Platform. Among others, he has exhibited his works in Robert Capa Center in Budapest (HU), Photon Gallery in Ljubljana (SI) and Vienna (AT), at Voies-off Festival in Arles (FR), Charta Festival in Rome (IT) and Landskrona Foto Festival (SE). In 2021, he presented his series To Move the Sun and Earth Away in the Curiosa sector at ParisPhoto (FR). 

In his recent and in-progress works, he inquires into the topics of perception, plurality of positions, permanence and entropy using a non-linear approach to photographic narrative. Working with somatic and affective possibilities of images, he is interested in creating affectively charged spaces and experiences. 

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Photon Gallery was founded in Ljubljana in 2003 to present and promote photo-artists from Central and South-Eastern Europe. It regularly shows work by both established artists and young emerging photographers. Photon encompasses various professional activities such as gallery work (production and organization of exhibitions), festivals (organization of Photo...

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61 x 39.5 cm