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Orange Landscape


Single piece Signed Titled



55 x 55 cm
21.65 x 22 in







Mixed media on canvas

1942 Barcelona, Spain

Josep Maria Mejan was an artist, who was born and brought up in Spain, like other celebrated artists such as Mar Guerrero, Joan Saló, Rafael Cidoncha, Pello Irazu, and Galindo. Josep Maria Mejan was born in 1942.

Josep Maria Mejan was largely influenced by the 1960s. The 1960s were a sensational decade internationally, witnessing a proliferation of modernist philosophies and trends. It was the era of Kennedy and Kruschev, and the beginning of the Cold War, which would endure for most of the second half of the 20th century, and was characterised most symbolically by the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961. The Iron Curtain divided Eastern and Western Europe, both ideologically and literally, and student political uprisings took place across the globe. Psychedelia, an enormous increase in consumerism, and the associated trends of marketing and advertising further epitomised the era.


A great student of the landscape, Josep Meján began in the plastic arts in a self-taught way. He debuted in 1979 in Barcelona, subsequently exhibiting in Huesca and Girona, and since then he has shown his work mainly in Spain and the United States, a country to which he traveled in 1985, working for some time in Dallas. He has also participated in group shows and competitions, such as the Joan Miró International Drawing Prize. Throughout his extensive career as an artist, he has worked in the field of ceramics, sculpture, and stained glass. However, if in any field Meján has stood out with special relevance, that is the field of painting: a great student of landscape, his works show off a technique that, abstracting from superfluous motifs, manages to print a personal stamp thanks to the use of a pure color palette rich in nuances. The landscapes of Meján are the fruit of rhythms and linear brushstrokes that allow him to create a lyrical and poetic painting without anecdotal elements. As stated by the art critic and journalist Josep María Cadena: "Mejan's painting is one of the best practical demonstrations that the old controversy between figuration and abstraction is over, since his works show that it should not disappear." Throughout his successful career, Meján has shown his work in the most prestigious halls on the national and international scene, highlighting his exhibitions at the Joan Mas Gallery in Barcelona, at the Rusiñol Art Room in San Cugat, at the Arte Imagen gallery in A Coruña, at the Sala Dalmau in Barcelona, ??at the María Salvat Gallery, at the Darby Louise, at the Subex Gallery, at the Kreisler Art Gallery (the latter all in Barcelona), at the JEHuegues Gallery in Dallas and at the Dallas Design Center in the US He has also exhibited at numerous art fairs in cities such as Barcelona, Madrid, Tokyo, New York, Strasbourg, or Ghent.

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Barcelona, Carretera del Mig 120, 08907 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

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