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L'amore in tempi duri


Single piece Signed Dated Titled



58 x 58 cm
23 x 22.83 in







Screen printing by artist José Molina belonging to the series Sentimentos II, taken from the unique works Sentimentos, which investigates the most intimate feelings of every human being, in a whirlwind of sensations beyond our control. Our existence is made of seduction, voluntary slavery, wounds to the heart, deep sadness and bestial aggressiveness. Using an imagery typical of this artist who prefers surrealist and visionary elements, each character symbolizes the impetus of human nature.

Here Molina tells from his point of view love in our times, a couple becomes a single body and is forced into a single pair of jeans. The state of a couple and of lovers becomes a difficult condition to face, in a situation of economic and social difficulty like the one we live in today. The choice to create a couple and then a family dimension becomes a continuous challenge, as you can see from the looks of the two lovers.

Hand signed by the artist and numbered in an edition of 10 copies.

, United States

José Molina calls himself a child of his time. Born in the mid-1960s in Madrid, he grew up with the consequences and remnants of Franco's totalitarian regime, which in part helped to shape his artistic career, along with his social and cultural commitment. He attended several art schools, but then until the age of 35 he worked in advertising.  Art is for Molina an instrument of interaction and, as an artist, he feels he has a responsibility for what surrounds us. His art is not limited to telling the human being in its social dimension.

The first series created by this artist, Morir para vivir, is a metaphor for the path he has taken, leaving his solid career in the world of advertising to dedicate himself to art, making a radical choice without any guarantee. This choice, however, allowed the artist to know himself in a deeper way, pushing him to analyze the various aspects of human nature, so the introspective research began to be accompanied by anthropological research.

The technique chosen is a union between the "photographic" one, with the documentary intent of making his characters as real as possible, and the more visionary and surreal one so as to insert more disturbing elements that can deepen the most hidden aspects of human nature. These visionary and, at the same time, fierce characters are not intended as a provocation, but are an invitation for the viewer to venture into the multi-faceted nature of the human soul, to trigger a reflection in it. The artistic path of Josè Molina is characterized by cycles-collections. Each single cycle, composed of several works, explores a different theme, like a story.

He has presented his works in prestigious institutions such as Museo della Triennale, Milan; Fondazione Stelline and Fondazione Mudima, Milan; Real Academia de España, Rome; Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Milan; Reggia di Caserta; Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica and Acquario Civico, Milan.

His works have also been exhibited in New York at the Able Fine Art gallery and in Miami at the Context Art Fair and he is highly appreciated in the Asian art market.

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Milano, Via Carlo Pisacane 36

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