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When Autumn Begins




120 x 160 cm
47.24 x 63 in







oil and encaustic on canvas

1984 Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca, November 24, 1984

Born in Oaxaca de Juárez Oax. on November 24, 1984. From an early age he ventured into the field of drawing, entering and participating in various workshops in the house of culture and in a self-taught way, he is currently a graduate of the plastic arts degree from the school of fine arts from the UABJO Oaxaca and teaches classes in a private way in his workshop ¨Magentha¨.

About his work
As a plastic artist, I feel the need to constantly search for new plastic forms to be able to transmit through my work, the color, the feeling, the emotion that the simple fact of living provokes, in my works you can Appreciate the great interest I have in color, which for me is the most important thing, just as textures and the complexity of techniques are of interest to me, I tend to be obsessive with the quality and control of the elements that make up my work, I select the materials that I will use based on their composition and behavior when interacting with the paint, the canvas, and the other elements.
My work is not defined by any specific parameter, personally, I believe that our work grows and changes with ourselves, we cannot paint the same as we painted 5 or ten years ago because we are no longer the same as we were at that time, I firmly believe that we evolve together with our ideas and therefore with our art.

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CDMX, Atenas 30, Colonia Juárez, Cuauhtémoc Delegation

Aura Galerías is distinguished by being a high-level gallery that represents a portfolio of contemporary Mexican and international artists, whose works generate in the viewer an experience that goes beyond the ephemeral. In addition, there is a constant interest on the part of the gallery in approaching new manifestations, themes, techniques and trends that...

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