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110 x 150 x 5 cm
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  • About the work

Technique: acrylic and emulsion on watercolour paper and ply;

Year: 2020;

Hummel works on the floor, constructing her collages out of shapes and forms she pre-cuts from painted sheets of watercolour paper. She paints each side of the paper in different colours and textures in order to give herself options. Partly regulated by structure, and partly guided by intuition, she allows planning, instinct and chance all to intervene in the creative act.




About the Artist

1982 , United Kingdom

Jo Hummel's work is characterised by a painted and paper collaged surface on which she employs spontaneous variations of space, colour and form. Although her painting collages are physically engaged and materially driven the context is purposefully anthropological and Hummel’s works are informed by human habits and behaviour, with a particular interest in determinism and freewill just as much as formal concerns. Hummel runs experiments where the process often determines the outcome and provides a safe arena for improvisation, a place where rational procedures can co- exist alongside intuition. In doing this she explores the unpredictable nature of intuition and spontaneity - her practice functioning as a simulation of decision making experiences which enable her to grasp, and make use of sensations such as anxiety or serenity. And it is via these conflicting emotional states of comfort, satisfaction, anxiousness, repulsion and so on that Hummel is able to tap into the ubiquitously felt state of human uncertainty. The social structures we all exist in guide and interfere with how we feel and what we choose to do on a daily basis. Our social class, religion, gender and ethnicity all play a part in what we deem pleasant or unpleasant. The nature of collage is that throughout its creation a work is in constant flux. The artist must negotiate the canvas by rearranging, choosing and adjusting, often over long periods and having explored hundreds, even thousands of the infinite possible outcomes. In this way the creative process itself is as significant as the final outcome. Jo Hummel works from her studio on the Isle of Wight.

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110 x 150 x 5 cm

5500,00 €

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