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God has a plan / Ikea


Signed Dated Titled


50 x 40 cm
20 x 15.75 in







Embossing on handmade paper.

This will probably be an edition.

1983 Bonn, Germany

Jana Schumacher (*1983 in Bonn, Germany) focuses on drawing, print making and site specific installations. Since 2011, her works have been represented throughout Germany and at international exhibitions.

Schumacher communicates central themes such as order and chaos, the influence of change, cause and effect and connections between art and science. Her approach balances concrete composition with creative improvisation. Schumacher ultimately believes in the status of abstract drawing as an intuitively readable system, capable of describing existentially important things in our world. Since 2015 she is following annual invitations from universities and other institutions in the USA and Germany, where she is teaching traditional papermaking in collaboration with her partner Drew Matott. Schumacher lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.


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Hamburg, Klosterwall 13

Galerie Carolyn Heinz was founded in 2005 and is located downtown Hamburg in an area amongst museums and other galleries. The gallerywork aims to introduce artists of individual artistic approaches. The gallery started with a focus on painting and drawing but extended its spectrum by objects and installations. Main criteria for the selection of the artists...

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