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ST #1


Single piece


76 x 112 cm
30 x 44.09 in







Print on paper

1988 , Spain

Málaga, 1988 She lives and works in Madrid Irene González obtained a degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad de Granada in 2011 and the master’s degree Drawing: Creation, Production and Diffusion in Universidad de Granada in 2012. In her drawings there is a predominance of black and white and a clear influence of vintage photography – mainly anonymous. It’s precisely after rethinking these photographs that she begins to draw. The final result of this process is an oddity that creates an uneasy sensation which transports you, taking you further than in a superficial first glance would. It’s not a coincidence that her visual references are the images of nineteenth century researchers of physiognomies, such as Duchenne de Boulogne and George Seurat’s drawing works, among others. Through the memory, she reinterprets faces that might be called “abstract”, immovable or inexpressive. In short, it’s a “new realism” marked by scars and signs of wounds that show us the impossibility of a return to origin. There is a fundamental stylistic feature that stands out in her series: silence. The images transmit stillness, an inner calm chaos where existence seems to be floating, on hold.

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Madrid, Doctor Fourquet 2

Galería Silvestre opened its doors in Tarragona and Madrid in 2014. The gallery aspires to become a meeting place where up-and- coming creation lives together with the freshest contemporary reflection. The galleries are working together, combining exhibitions in order to create a continuous curatorial approach. After a well-planned search, the gallery has p...

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Potato and egg


75 x 60 cm


Aesthetic of the Cross


40.6 x 50.8 cm

934,00 €