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75 x 122 cm
30 x 48.03 in







1973 Malaga, Spain

With a restless and creative character, it has always been clear that the artist's professional activity would have to be related to design, art and creativity.
Héctor Romero García studied interior design and after working as a freelance and in several architecture and design companies, in 2004 he decided to create the VOLTEO studio where he currently works.

The artist has always liked to paint, going through a variety of styles.
Encouraged by some recognitions and good critics, it is since a few years ago when he decided to make my work visible and I have the opportunity to start exhibiting.
Familiar with the use of perspective, technical drawing and the creation of spaces, he focuses on a pictorial style mixture of surrealism, architectural minimalism, expressionism, metaphysical ... desolate landscapes where the common link is in the combination of large blocks or forceful volumes, creating disturbing spaces. Impossible perspectives, dreamlike atmospheres where small shadows wander, geometries that betray themselves. The artist likes to bring something more to the works. A touch of mystery and optical illusion, creating forced perspectives with characters in different planes to observe the scene from two different points of view. There are almost always two human figures to give proportion to the composition. Sometimes, it is the same person, represented at the same time in the same place, but in a different point of view. But beyond the pretended game of illusionism that in the end proposes all art, he proposes a three-dimensional plastic reflection on perspective, light and color. An open window to the world of dreams.

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