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Signed Titled



70 x 50 cm
28 x 19.69 in







Technique: silkscreen;

Year: about 1930;

Silkscreen by Trec spa depicting Gustav Klimt's The Kiss, a work that made him famous in the Viennese Secession. With this subject, Klimt tried his hand at representing human passions. A love between a man and a woman made immortal in time. The work is signed in the lower right-hand corner with a fac simile authorised by the management of the Österreich Galerie Belvedere Museum in Vienna and numbered 12/200 in the lower left-hand corner.

1862 Wien, Austria

Gustav Klimt was born in Baumgarten, a Vienna suburb, in 1862. He is one of the most Art Nouveau (Jugendstil)  representative. He is a founder and the fist presidenr of the Wiener Secession (1897).  His style is influenced by the European Simbolism, it's a metaphor of the Austrian Empire decadence. He describes the aristocracy magnificence on decline, collapsing into the First World War. The artist expresses universal themes (life, death, women, the unconscious) using a decorative style: stylized, floreal, graceful, sensual shapes typical of Art Nouveau style complete with gold-foil. He reaches a great success and he receives many private and public European commissions. The most famous Klimt's masterpieces are Beethoven Frieze, realized in 1902 at the Secession Palace, "The Delay" and "The Embrance" (1905-1909) in Stoclet Palace dining room. Between 19th and 20th Century he approaches the Expressionism, he gives up the gold-foil and Art Nouveau little shapes, to focus on the landscape (thick twines) and on the femenine portrait (women characterized by a sensual and melancholy looks which represent the end of the Austrian Empire golden age). Gustav Klimt dies in 1918, the same year during which his loved country falls down under the First World War.

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Milano, Via Carlo Pisacane 36

Pisacane Arte is a contemporary and modern art gallery situated in Milan. With over 300 mq of space, the gallery organizes exhibitions, events and cultural conferences in order to encourage the encounter between artists, collectors and art lovers. The art gallery offers artworks by historicized and emerging artists, with a particular attention to pop and st...

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Fine estate


20 x 30 cm

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Landscape 20-334


15.24 x 15.24 x 5.08 cm

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