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Extensively Beige Offices


Single piece Signed



100 x 173 cm
39 x 68.11 in







Oil on canvas

This piece is from McNerney’s Cool Water Company painting installation. Cool Water Company is a fabricated water cooler company around which McNerney built a whole universe including staff, offices, CEO and ‘employee of the month’ narratives. The installation is an homage to the modern-day UK tertiary sector. It is a celebration of office workers and a fascination with the microclimates generated within these late capitalist spaces. The office space reference imagery is taken from a friend’s job in north London.

, United States

Grace McNerney is a painter and photographer, specializing in practice looking at where the liminal and mundane meets spectacle, forcing the viewer to pay greater attention and hopefully reverence by exaggerating their scale and graduated from Chelsea College of Arts, 2023

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The Vanner Gallery is a contemporary art gallery in the heart of the cathedral city of Salisbury, UK. The gallery offers regular exhibitions of original work by artists working locally, nationally and internationally....

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