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Flowerlady and Ladyboy


Dated Titled

From the series Full Contact


75 x 75 cm
30 x 29.53 in





Realised during 2011 in Southeast Asia, Full Contact series focuses on two different uses of female and male bodies as a currency convertable into money and the medium and surface of the trade of money. A disposal of sexual services with blurry boundaries from go-go dancers to bar girls, from clear defined “service-charge” dualities to the simulation of long term relationships or to a seasonal work on the one hand; the traditions and lifestyle of Muay Thai fighters whose bodies are trained, tamed and moulded since early childhood on the other.

In this exchange and trade system in which money and survival reign, the bodies of those involved become the arena of pride, glory, honour, determination, rivalry, victory, defeat, potency, blood, sweat, pain, violence, pleasure and eventually some win the esteem of their families, some that of a stadium full of spectators.

, Turkey

''Besides mostly producing photography series, I make use of artist’s books, text-based works and videos. My work focuses on gender identities & roles and socially constructed identities while attempting to shed light to some of the deepest drives, desires and fears of the human being through a subjective documentary approach. There is also an ongoing emphasis on the human body as the most common outward manifestation of the sexual, psychological, emotional and sociological identity. I have also travelled to different countries for the realisation of some of my works such as Ukraine, United Kingdom and France (Pay Here series, 2010 and Fight-Flight-Freeze series, 2013) and Thailand (Full Contact series, 2011).''

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