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80 x 120 cm
31.50 x 47 in


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  • About the work
Medium: Mixed media on canvas. Exhibited on PRINCIPIO D'INDETERMINAZIONE, P.Bini, I. Nazzarri, M. Negri, P. Tabarelli, V. Valla, G. Zanet, curated by Ivan Quaroni, 14 JUNE - 23 SEPTEMBER 2016, ABC-ARTE. Published on exhibition book PRINCIPIO D'INDETERMINAZIONE, P.Bini, I. Nazzarri, M. Negri, P. Tabarelli, V. Valla, G. Zanet, curated by Ivan Quaroni, ABC-ARTE, 2016.

About the Artist

1984 Colleretto Castelnuovo, TO, Italy

Giulio Zanet lives and works in Milan. "I work with painting - and pictorial substance - and create an abstraction process dealing with the registration of moments and reflections of everyday life and the way these could be represented. At the same time, I am aware it is impossible to represent these elements except through experience. My work focuses on images, on the representation of the world and ideas, which find through painting its own realization. Ambiguity and evidence, repetition, variation, rules and omissions, acceptance and refusal are all part of my work, they push the observer to wonder about their own meaning. I am not interested in showing a complete structure. I want to show little parts of stories without subjects, infinte verbs able to inspire intriguing metaphores.
 My work do not refer to recongnizable forms. The result is always a deconstruction of reality whose meaning is open to different and various interpretations. I believe this helps the relationship between audience and author, since it is impossible to objectify emotions and the eternal dualities ruling the world". The ambiguity and the evidence, repetition, variation, rules and omissions, the acceptance and rejection are elements that Zanet brings into play to bring the fuitore to question the meaning.

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70 x 90 cm

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Genoa, Via XX Settembre 11A

ABC-ARTE's activity is based on the promotion and diffusion of contemporary artistic languages, focusing mainly on two directions: the support towards artists of new generation, who experiment with languages and formats, and the study of XXth century international masters, with a preference towards abstraction and especially gestural abstraction. In both...

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