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Sfacelo traumatico, 2020


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Single piece Dated Titled


50 x 43 cm
19.69 x 17 in








  • About the work

Acrylics, oil, Plexiglas, broken glass and enamels on canvas.

About the Artists

1998 , Italy

Gioele Provenzano was born in Italy and has Canadian origins. He discovers painting at a very young age and at thirteen years old takes for the first time in hand a brush. He defines himself as a shy and introverted boy, but with a strong sensitivity ready to capture the importance of every single moment, taking inspiration from personal experiences such as traumas and addictions. He attends the Liceo artistico Fanoli and then he faces his first working experiences first as a door-to-door sales agent and later as a metal worker. He continues to paint using the night hours and painting allows him, unconsciously, to externalize his feelings including frustration, insecurity and desire to escape. He then decides to devote himself totally to his artistic career enrolling in the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, which still attends.

In his artistic research, Gioele associates air with the soul. Both are invisible and impalpable, but air can turn into wind and trigger devastating meteorological events such as hurricanes, cyclones and tornadoes, causing extremely violent storms. Even the soul often expresses its strength, leading to changes and inner, mental and psychological upheavals, revealing an energy that, however, unlike the wind, is guided and modulated by our intentions. His artworks, predominantly pictorial, are set in imaginary skies, representing the circumstances of life, in which the wind creeps in, rendered through the use of transparent Plexiglas and three-dimensional elements applied to the canvas, symbolizing the energy of the soul in finding its own way in response to life's most tragic events.

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