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100 x 70 cm
39.37 x 28 in







Medium: screen printing and printing on card stock

1944 , Italy

Gilberto Zorio (b. 1944, Andorno Micca, Biella, Italy) is associated with the Arte Povera generation, which originated in Italy during the mid-1960s. Utilising non-traditional and unconventional materials, Zorio was a major exponent of this movement and has continued to play an important role in the development of sculptural practice for over forty years. He is primarily concerned with capturing and conveying forms of energy, experimenting with chemical and mechanical processes and material transformations. In 1973 he wrote: ‘Energy … is the possibility of rendering operative the conscious and unconscious functions of language’. The transience and tensions of the chemical-physical world are explored by the artist; in many respects, he assumes the role of alchemist, enabling the conversion of materials from one state into another. This continuum is openly presented for the viewer to see, removing any element of illusion from the equation. This focus has remained consistent from the genesis of his art right through to the present day. Time plays an intrinsic role in Zorio’s work, as the laws of nature take hold and transform materials over a developmental period. The various media used wihin his oeuvre include lead, copper, steel, clay, concrete, Tesla coils, compressors, strobe lights, lamps and incandescent objects, which are activated through processes including reaction, solidification, evaporation, oxidisation, fragmentation and precipitation. These are presented not as scientific occurrences, but are rather elevated to be considered on a more ethereal, universal level, foregrounding their primordial or even esoteric qualities that relate to the nature of existence, the cosmos and evolution. Blue pools of liquid copper sulphate and yellow solutions of fluorescein crystalise upon a copper rod, or alternatively, a room is illuminated with strobe intensity, which is then extinguished into darkness, as UV lamps reveal constellations of phosphorous marks strewn across the space by the artist – a celestial shower. Zorio has employed a specific lexicon and visual language in many of his installations, continually using repeated forms, shapes and materials since the late 1960s, which have since become emblematic. These include materials such as cowhides and skins – containing traces of past memories– as well as forms including the five sided star, the javelin and the canoe – all representative of time, movement, energy, transformation, and ancient history. The star, in particular, suggests cosmic, celestial and astronomical energy. Stars are in a constant state of flux, their luminosity changing depending on the elemental fusion of hydrogen and helium. They are also symbolic and metaphorical forms with mythical otherworldly qualities, possessing a sense of dream-fulfilment. Zorio says: ‘there is always the dream about the far-beyond but we cannot reach the star’. The artist triggers a metaphorical journey for the viewer: the intersection of art with science, industry with nature, form with formlessness, and past with future - apparent within each mark and sculptural gesture. Spectacle often activates the viewing experience, and there is a physical quality to the artist’s installations that necessitates a holistically sensual reception including sight, sound, smell and touch. 

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