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Single piece Signed


120 x 80 x 7 cm
47 x 31.50 x 2.76 in







Antique shaped and carved giltwood mirror with lower part faux marble painted, cut, sectioned and recomposed


Giampiero Romanò (Milan, Italy, 1973). Antichità 3000 is one of the most recognizable series of special designed objects and creations in the art pulse of Milano. Romanò connects his kitsch irony with the visionary of his objects trouvé, with a particular focus on mirrors that he designed in the most innovative way. Thanks to his collaboration with Toilet Paper Magazine, his production became known and has been shown worldwide.

1973 Milan, Italy

Giampiero Romanò, born in 1973, is an art-designer from Milan, Italy. His background is not made by design school or art academies, but rather among nails, hammers, and paints in his workshop located in the beating heart of Porta Venezia quarter, where he dedicated himself for more than 20 years to the restoration of antiques and design pieces. Thanks to such experience and extraordinary hand skills, he started a fruitful collaboration with Maurizio Cattelan and Pier Paolo Ferrari’s Toiletpaper Magazine, adding his original and recognizable touch in the display of their famous graphics by producing art pieces exposed in worldwide galleries. 

The appreciation shown for such artworks pushed Giampiero to create one of a kind pieces as an outcome of his extraordinary imagination, up to launching his own line of furniture and accessories, which name, Antichità 3000, well represents the concept the artist wants to express. If creativity is the art of looking at old things with new eyes, Antichità 3000 line perfectly embodies this idea: Giampiero Romanò melt in fact the heritage of antiques and the art of the past with a gaze to the future, to the newness, to the never seen before, in order to upset the common aesthetical canons and replace them with something new and original.

His irony and visionary, along with manufacturing skills of a yesteryear master craftsman, reflect in his artworks, where, among various creations, stand out spectacular one of a kind mirrors.

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Milan, Viale Bianca Maria, 45

Plan X ​is a new generation unconventional art gallery, created with the aim of overcoming the barriers of elitism and facilitating dialogue between emerging artists and the public. Using new technologies and pioneering approaches to digital media, the gallery is recognized for its ability to diversify and broaden the contemporary art public....

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The Painting


70 x 50 cm

390,00 €