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Single piece Signed Dated Titled

From the series La crisi come crisalide


120 x 192 cm
47 x 75.59 in







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The work has been exhibited in the site specific installation "La crisi come crisalide"  in 2019, at the Floris Art Gallery, Milan.

Technique: Mixed media

1997 Bologna, Italy

Giampaolo Parrilla was born in 1997 in Bologna where he lives and works.

In 2019 he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. He is represented by Floris Art Gallery, Milan.

The narrative connected to the creation of dense atmospheres is what mainly constitutes Parrilla's site specific projects. The development is designed in a well-marked time, where you can follow the development and deviations of the story based on the digressions and liquidity of the characters. To sink into history, to enter another space. This is what is required; building your own place system.

“The pages of Parrilla have the advantage of liquidity: each table is frayed in the next, leaving (liquid) the reader to apply a sense to what he is seeing. That is, the author directly gives us the opportunity to give meaning to his work, with an extraordinary act of trust which in turn evokes the trust of the workshop participants.
It is a "liquidity" different from the concept coined by Bauman to signal the lack of strong points of reference in modern society, where every ideology seems to disintegrate, liquefying into a constant precariousness: here liquidity refers rather to the idea of ​​something that aims at not being a solid, tetragon, which indeed makes the liquid state, continually metamorphic and unstoppable, its reason for being. " (Nicola Bonazzi)

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Milan, Viale Aretusa, 30

Floris Art Gallery was founded in October 2018 by Elena R. Innangi and Francesco Floris. It is not just a contemporary art gallery located in a home thanks to the care, experience and passion of two art lovers. It is an effective and refined way to anticipate the daily relationship with the artwork, to experience its aptitude to inhabit a space with us. T...

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