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Especies invasoras


From the series Especies invasoras



42 x 29 cm
16.54 x 11 in






Drawings & Works on Paper

Gema Ruperez, Especies invasoras/Invasive plants, 2021, installation, drawing ink on paper, variable dimensions

Rolled up in document holders, accentuating its internationalist vocation beyond borders, as the first purchase-sale contracts or the shares of multinational companies that founded the global market had to travel in the past, the project Invasive plants is presented by Gema Rupérez.
Invasive plants are a central issue in environmental protection policies that, with climate change and according to experts, threatens the sustainability of our fragile ecosystems. And yet most of us do not notice them, we would not distinguish them from the landscape. It is this ability to blend in that makes them unique and gives them unlimited growth potential.
This project reflects on the multiplication, expansion, repetition and competition in a historical moment of overflow and collapse of global flows.
From a western point of view, these invasive plants can be interpreted as an anecdote in the inexorable journey of progress. And it is there that these species, with their exponential and silent growth, apparently harmless and immobile before the human eye, incapable - us - of seeing what doesn't happen instantaneously, saturated with stimuli in 'real time', have something to teach us.

1982 Zaragoza, Spain

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Established in June 2019, A PICK GALLERY is an Italian contemporary art gallery dedicated to the research of contemporary art languages. The gallery supports talented international artists, aspiring to collaborate with them in all artistic field. As the name suggests, we focus on the curated selection of artists and artworks....

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